Christmas Events and Messiah Concert

Extracurricular Activities

The traditional Messiah Concert and the various Christmas events held at the Ikebukuro and Niiza Campuses are also organized by committees formed by students.

Christmas Events (Late November - December)

Christmas at Rikkyo is a time where you can truly feel the season and come into contact with that which defines Rikkyo. Each year, the Christmas organizing committee formed by students creates a Rikkyo Christmas made for each individual year, filled with the messages and wishes they want to convey. The Christmas illumination period follows the Church calendar, with lighting starting from Advent (the period of waiting for the coming of Christ) through to Epiphany on January 6 (the day we celebrate the birth of Christ and His incarnation in the world).

Ikebukuro Campus

Niiza Campus

Messiah Concert (Early December)

Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” is a grand piece of music that depicts the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Of the events to celebrate Christmas, the Rikkyo University Messiah Concert is perhaps the grandest for its rich tradition and scale.
One major distinguishing feature of the Rikkyo University Messiah Concert is that it is organized by a Messiah organizing committee formed primarily of student Christian groups, the Symphony Orchestra, and the Glee Club students. Another remarkable feature of Rikkyo’s Messiah is that it features an orchestra and chorus created by the students, despite there being no music course at Rikkyo University.
Singers are welcome to join in the performance by general participation - why not try it yourself?

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