Extracurricular Activity Programs
("Challenge Programs")

Extracurricular Activities

There is a wide range of over 60 "Challenge Programs" (extracurricular activity programs) at Rikkyo University.
Categorized into four groups, these diverse programs support independent student activity in which, for example, students can learn through exchanges with other students, or with society.

Becoming a Rikkyo Student

At Rikkyo University, you can enjoy an independent campus life with a sense of purpose.
This group of programs includes those where you can learn the knowledge needed for your campus life and consider the significance of studying at university, and those where you can connect with the traditions of Rikkyo University and enjoy your campus life.

  • Chapel guidance
  • Campus life orientation / Manner and morality guidance
  • Services (daily prayers)
  • E-Learning, information ethics
  • International events and activities
  • Sports fair
  • Messiah Concert


Think about yourself, others, and society. Acquire abilities that will serve you in your campus life and in the future.
These programs provide opportunities to learn in various formats such as lectures and workshops, using various themes such as human rights, volunteering, interpersonal relations, careers, and more.

  • Disaster Aid Volunteer Course
  • Put into Practice! Barrier-Free Course
  • Internship Preparatory Course
  • IT Skills Workshop
  • Emergency Aid Workshop
  • Japanese Culture Course

Supporting Your Fellow Students

Comprehensive, practical learning through peer support, in which students support fellow students.
In these programs, students take advantage of their position as fellow students to help junior students, students with disabilities, international students, and more.

  • Support staff for students with disabilities
  • Students with Disabilities Support Office Lectures
  • Student supporters
  • Career Center student supporters

Experiencing Different Worlds

Comprehensive, practical learning through contact with real sites of activity and by connecting with various people.
In these programs, students encounter worlds and people unlike those they’re used to, through volunteering, cross-cultural exchange, internships, and more.

  • Okunakayama Workcamp
  • Japanese/Korean Camp
  • Forestry Experience
  • Kiyosato Environment Volunteer Camp
  • Agricultural Experience
  • Rikkyo-type Internships
  • Yonsei/Keio/Rikkyo/Fudan Leadership Forum
* There are numerous other programs in operation in addition to the above.

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