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It is important that international students seeking jobs in Japan, as the Japanese students, start collecting information and taking steps in an early stage.
The first step for career and job search activities is to think about what you would like to do in the future to take advantage of your strengths. We provide a wide range of career support that includes hands-on advice on job search and career development, fulfilling the students' needs.


1: Career support through four years

Rikkyo University regards career as “a way of life which is suitable to yourself as an individual encompassing work and profession” and we do not consider career as the goal. We also consider it is important for the students to picture their life on their own after graduation and to have the ability to take action independently towards their career.

This ability will be created based upon the studies and experience through their campus life. Therefore, a variety of programs, in which first year students may participate, are offered by Career Center and Colleges. We provide career support, where the students may have plenty of meaningful and variety of experiences and eventually obtain “the ability to learn” and “the ability to think.”

2: A high rate of employment and solid job search support

In society, you will be asked whether you may have the initiative to think and take action or to communicate with others. In job search, you will be asked to demonstrate the ability of how you have studied at university and what experiences you have gained.

At Rikkyo University, we provide various job search support programs, such as job search guidance and skills improvement courses, which focus on the important points for job search activities.
Rikkyo’s comprehensive “employment skills” come from the way in which we interact with students individually and guide each of them toward the right path. This is one of the reasons why our alumni have a high degree of success in finding work.

3: Support both from the Career Center and Colleges

Rikkyo University has two mainstays of career and job search support for students: Career Center support that provides assistance tailored to each step in students’ academic career, through various programs, distribution of guidebooks, etc., and specific support from the colleges that leverages their areas of specialization.
This provides practical know-how to help students realize the image of their future self, whether in finding a field that interests them or the role they want to play in future society.

Points to be Considered

What Career Center wants to tell international students who are thinking about working in Japan is as follows.

Understand the custom of job hunting peculiar to Japan!

Job hunting starts in the fall of the third year of your bachelor’s degree/first year of your master’s degree (a year and a half before graduation).
Employment places importance on potential.

Improve your command of Japanese!

Japanese is the only language used in the course of recruitment. You must be fluent in Japanese.

Support Programs

Personal advising

The Career Center offers services to students of all years regarding their careers and job search. Please feel free to make use of these services if you have any concerns or questions about student life, job search, or anything else. Experienced career counselors are available to give students advice.

Useful job searching tools

Information collection is essential for job search. At the Career Center and libraries, students can access the Rikkyo Employment Navi, as well as browse and borrow books on careers and job search. Students can also view economic newspapers, such as the Nikkei Shimbun, and economic magazines.

Job Search Seminar for International Students

In principle, international students will take part in job search programs with Japanese students. However, topics and information specific to international students will be explained at the “Job Search Seminar for International Students.” These seminars are open also to those who are not in their third year of college when full-fledged job search activities start, or in their first year of the Master’s Program. The seminar allows students to obtain information, knowledge, and experience necessary for employment in Japan at an early stage.

Career-related subjects in regular curriculum

Rikkyo University equips students with the basic skills and manners they will need as working professionals. Our career subjects are one example of such career skill support. A number of career subjects have been established within the university-wide curriculum and the specialized academic curriculum of each college. These subjects provide students an opportunity to examine their career paths from their first year.


An internship is a program for students (typically unpaid) to receive training and work experience at a company. Students wishing to do an internship must apply on their own. For international students, internships will also provide an avenue to experience Japanese work culture and learn about business etiquette in Japan. Many international students take advantage of internship opportunities.

Japanese Language Supports for Career and Job Search

Rikkyo University offers Japanese language courses that equip international students with Japanese proficiency needed for job search activities in Japan, as well as Japanese proficiency required in business situations. Through these courses, international students can acquire the knowledge and skills necessar y for passing Japan’s unique employment exams (mainly the kokugo [Japanese] section), as well as learn about Japanese conversation phrases and writing methods needed for doing business in Japan. In addition, the Japanese Language Support Desk service of the Center for Japanese Language Education offers advice on completing job application forms and other forms in Japanese.

2016 Enployment by Industry

Major Places of Employment of Students Graduating in 2016

NEC Corporation
Ernst & Young Tax Co.
SoftBank Corp.
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions Create, Ltd.
Nissin Corporation
Christian Dior S.A.
Nitori Co., Ltd.
H.I.S. Co., Ltd.
JR EAST VIEW Travel Service Co., Ltd.

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