Academic fees and other payments


Rikkyo University offers tuition reductions for privately-financed international students with “College Student” resident status who face financial difficulties pursuing university education.

The application procedures are carried out after admission.
Based on the application documents, International Office will check whether the applicant has “College Student” resident status and determine whether the applicant qualifies upon reviewing his/her financial situation.

Students who do not carry out the application procedures will not be eligible for tuition reductions. In addition, students who are enrolled in the university longer than the standard period of study are not eligible for the tuition reduction system. The reduction percentage for the academic year 2018 is 30%. (The tuition reduction system and the reduction percentage are subject to change each year.)

The tuition reduction system is not available to the students who are enrolled for more than stipulated years of study, taking a leave of absence, or suspended.
The tuition reduction system may not be available depending on the programs, to which the students belong.

Academic Feesand Other Payments (2018)

Academic Fees and Other Payments (2019)