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Study the cutting edge of business administration, and leadership skills that society needs, by investigating the real world of business.


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The corporate activities of today connect the regions and countries of the world in real time, and are developed through the coordinated linking of information, resources, products, and labor.

Amid this increasingly globalized business environment, a new kind of global leader is needed; one that can exercise their abilities wherever they go in the world, and who can work in harmony with people who have diverse values. We believe this form of global leadership is essential.

At the Rikkyo University College of Business, students examine key business issues in small classes, with classmates from diverse backgrounds, organizing their thoughts through discussion, debate, and presentation. Through this process, students discover their strengths, and learn their own brand of leadership.


  • Department of Business

    We develop the business leaders of tomorrow through practical study in small classes.

    Features of the Department of Business
    1. Four areas of specialized learning
    Students carry out study of the latest specialized knowledge needed for business in four main areas: Marketing, Management, Communication, and Accounting and Finance.

    2. Leadership development
    The Business Leadership Program (BLP) is taken by all students in the Department of Business, and allows them to acquire the leadership skills needed by society through group work.

    3. Experience of real business to learn skills that will be useful in society
    We provide many opportunities for students to learn the skills and perspectives needed by society and in their future careers, through classes in which they can work with companies about real business issues.
    What abilities does this department cultivate?
    The ability to find, analyze and solve problems
    Students develop the ability to discover problems faced by companies and society, gain specialized knowledge that they can use logically consider solutions, and build problem-solving ability through practical exercises.

    The ability to drive and lead teams
    Students learn teamwork skills through practical classes, and develop the individual leadership skills that will be needed in the real world of business.

    The ability to make presentations that drive people to action
    By presenting ideas, debating plans, and making presentations to companies, students develop their ability to communicate, express themselves, and innovate.
  • Department of Global Business

    We develop bilingual global leaders who can study and carry out business management in English.

    Features of the Department of Global Business
    1. Global leadership skills
    Students debate key business issues and make presentations in English, as part of collaborative projects with companies. By studying with students of diverse nationalities, students develop stable leadership skills.

    2. Study business fundamentals and specialized knowledge in English
    Approximately 70% of the specialized courses within the department are taught in English. In addition to foundational principles of business management, students can learn cutting edge specialized business knowledge in English via a system where the number of subjects taught in English increases year by year.

    3. Experience studying abroad
    With approximately 100 overseas partner institutions, the Department of Global Business has many programs to help students develop their business management knowledge and English language ability, including study abroad and overseas internship programs. As a basic rule, all students take part in a three-week short-term study abroad program during the summer recess of their first year.
    What abilities does this department cultivate?
    The ability to drive multinational teams as a business leader
    Students develop the ability to exercise leadership in international teams, by becoming proficient bilingual language users with specialized business knowledge and the soft-skills needed for global business. Through project work, debate, and presentation, students become effective communicators who can work effectively in diverse groups.

    A global mind that accepts diverse value systems
    With a large number of international students in the Department of Global Business, students study in a global environment. Students develop the fundamental skills for cross-cultural exchange amid diverse value systems, with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

    The ability to analyze corporate business strategies and draw out solutions
    Students further their studies via business case studies of real companies, in order to understand the societal problems faced by companies, and to develop the ability to analyze corporate business strategies and draw out solutions.

Receive a master’s degree in business in five years through an accelerated five-year program.

The "accelerated Five-year Program" is a special program for high-achieving students, which aims to equip them with a higher degree of specialization in business studies and global leadership skills.

As well as participating in study abroad for approximately one year using the inter-departmental exchange program, students start taking graduate-level subjects during the fourth year of their undergraduate program. These students can acquire a master’s degree in business with one additional year of graduate study. This is not a traditional program with an academic focus that involves thesis writing, but a program that gives intensive training of the practical skills that are needed in the world of business.

Application and selection for the program takes place after enrollment in the College.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cooperate and work with people who have diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences.

  • Analyze problems and make logical proposals for business projects, then put them into practice.

  • Critically choose what knowledge and information to apply in business projects, focused on real world problems.

  • Take advantage of various business analysis tools, and exhibit leadership to solve problems.

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