Curriculum Policy

Rikkyo University Purpose of Education and Policies

Rikkyo University aims to nurture “cultivated persons with specialized knowledge,” and to this end, the University develops regular curriculums consisting of specialized subjects and university-wide liberal arts subjects, and extracurricular education, in line with educational purposes related to Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Experience.

In addition, three learning phases, Introduction Phase, Development Phase, and Completion Phase will be established according to the students’ growth and developmental stages. In the Introduction Phase, students learn the meaning of what it means to study at university and the basics of specialization; in the Development Phase, they deepen their understanding of society, others, and different cultures while acquiring knowledge and enhancing their expertise; and in the Completion Phase, they culminate their university studies, reflect on their own growth, and look ahead to their future lives. In these learning phases, regular curriculums and extracurricular education will be developed in accordance with this purpose.

In the regular curriculums, students will build a foundation for learning through the Rikkyo First Term Program and then take a subject group offered by each college and department to understand the system of Knowledge in their area of specialization based on critical verification.They will also cultivate knowledge and culture beyond the framework of their area of specialization, and to develop holistic judgment and excellent human qualities.

In addition, the University aims to achieve all educational purposes by providing various learning and experiential opportunities in Japan and abroad in the areas of extracurricular educational programs (orientations, camps, etc.), extracurricular activities (clubs, circles, etc.), and career support programs.

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