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Multifaceted research on tourism from the viewpoints of social sciences and humanities


Graduate School of Tourism

Aiming to establish a center of advanced education and research in the field of tourism

The Graduate School of Tourism is Japan’s first graduate school where students can study and research specialist knowledge relating to tourism. With the increasing societal role and influence of tourism, the need has arisen in Japan and internationally to develop scholars and educators with advanced knowledge relating to tourism who can academically analyze how tourism should be in the future. The Graduate School of Tourism (Graduate Program in Tourism) consists of a master’s program and a doctoral program. The objective of the master’s program is to link the latest research findings in the field of tourism to the academic guidance of students, and build a foundation to cultivate the tourism scholars needed at home and abroad. In the doctoral program, the objective is to cultivate the next generation of specialist educators and scholars in the field of tourism. The Graduate School of Tourism provides a center of sophisticated education and research to further raise the standard of academic research in the field of tourism.


  • Graduate Program in Tourism

    The study of the complex and multifaceted subject of tourism makes a wide-ranging perspective indispensable—A key feature of this program is that students do not simply acquire specialized knowledge; they also acquire a broad perspective. In addition to those who wish to become specialized scholars, researchers and educators, the master’s program is also open to people who wish to acquire highly specialized knowledge of tourism and become leaders of the tourism industry or tourism administration.

    Multifaceted and interdisciplinary study of tourism
    We provide multifaceted and interdisciplinary study of tourism. The program consists of three fields: Research on Tourism Behavior and Tourism Culture; Research on Tourist Areas and Tourist Destination Planning; and Research on Tourism Industry and Tourism Business Administration. We develop personnel who have the ability to comprehensively drive progress in study and research related to tourism, and who stand at the frontier of tourism studies with an objective perspective.

    A well-rounded, lively research environment
    One other feature of the program is that it hosts students of various different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, giving it an open and lively atmosphere. Additionally, we keep internal and external literature and resources relating to all fields of tourism studies.
    Human resource development that broadens perspectives both nationally and internationally
    Students learn how to evaluate tourism projects and form networks to bring about innovation and restructuring in tourism projects and carry out sustainable management of tourism sites. As we aim to become a hub for tourism studies in Asia, we work with each nation’s leading universities in the field of tourism research through inter-departmental agreements, providing a rich study environment for students.

    Consultation for graduate school admission
    We hold consultation meetings for students who are interested in applying for graduate school. The faculty, staff and students of the Graduate School of Tourism answer questions and distribute information materials. If you are considering taking an examination to enter the Rikkyo University Graduate School of Tourism, we encourage you to attend. We are currently planning to hold these meetings in June, July, October, and November.

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