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How to Participate with Sociological Knowledge in the Global Community


Graduate School of Sociology

The Rikkyo Graduate School of Sociology was founded nearly six decades ago to cope with societal needs to understand the changing society in which people, groups, organizations interact with each other. It is one of the largest schools of sociology in Japan. We have eminent specialists in various fields not only based upon sociological discipline but also upon the related areas. Our competence lies in the study of: sociological theories, qualitative and quantitative research methods, social interaction, social stratification, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, social gerontology, family, religion, politics and social movements, industry, consumer society and consumerism, city and community, migration, environmental problems and education, media, journalism, science, technology and society(STS), cultural anthropology, cultural studies, and so on.

In addition to seminar classes dealing with the above topics, the School provides research programs based upon active learning, including quantitative data analysis and fieldwork in overseas locations. We offer intensive courses to complement the analytical skills of students, and with dedicated supervision to ensure the innovative and high-profiled completion of Master theses and Doctoral dissertations. All our graduates are expected to actively participate in the globalized community. Our aim is that our PhDs will be deemed to contribute significantly to sociological studies worldwide.

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