Graduate School of Christian Studies

Ikebukuro Campus


Exploring a wide variety of themes related to Christianity from diverse perspectives in a spirit of ecumenism


Graduate School of Christian Studies

The Graduate School of Christian Studies aims to form a center for 21st century Christian studies.

The Graduate School of Christian Studies was established in April 2009 to significantly expand the Graduate School of Arts’ Program in Systematic Theology. Christianity at Rikkyo University inherits the traditions of the Anglican Church, but the Graduate School of Christian Studies does not restrict itself to particular denominations or faiths, instead taking an ecumenical stance with an emphasis on the academic, multifaceted analysis and research of matters surrounding Christianity.
A distinguishing feature of this program is that in addition to traditional academic approaches such as Bible Studies, Biblical Archaeology, Church History, Systematic Theology, Religious Studies, and the History of Christian Music and Art, there are also numerous practical skill subjects in which students can engage in Field Studies and Service Learning, or Church Music such as organ performance and choral conducting. In this way, we aim to study Christianity in contact with real society, not just within the University or seminar rooms.
The Graduate School of Christian Studies serves a major role within Rikkyo University as a center of research and education that relates to our founding principles, and has twelve full-time faculty members providing research guidance. Through earnest research and passionate education, we explore the possibilities of twenty-first century Christian Studies as a field that responds to the needs of modern society. Conscious of the global arena, we aim to develop the center for Christian Studies into a leading research institution for Christian Studies in Japan and East Asia.


  • Graduate Program in Christian Studies

    The Graduate Program in Christian Studies also features the Williams Course, in which students can earn a master’s degree in a minimum of one year. In addition to the Christian Studies Research Course, consisting of specialized study with the goal of earning a master’s degree in two years, the Williams Course is aimed at people carrying out missions in society in Christian contexts.

    Note: The Williams Course is for people with at least two years of experience in Christian-related roles such as (1) members of clergy, (2) Bible and Religious Studies department teaching faculty, (3) organists and choir members, or (4) staff members of Christian NGOs and NPOs.

    Substantial scholarship systems
    The Williams Scholarship, Enkichi Kan Memorial Scholarship, Koji Takamatsu Memorial Scholarship, and Anglican Church of Canada Memorial Scholarship are being offered exclusively to graduate students of this school. In addition to these, students are also eligible to apply for university-wide scholarships, promotion funds for presentations to academic societies, and the Rikkyo University Special Fund for Research.

    System for earning specialist teaching certificates
    Students who already obtained Type 1 teaching certificates for Junior High School Social Studies, or Senior High School Geography and History, Citizenship, or Religion, can earn specialist certificates by earning credits in specified subjects while enrolled in the school’s Master's Program.

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