Graduate School of Business Administration

Ikebukuro Campus


Developing creative business people who can pioneer a new society through envisioning creative forms of business.


Graduate School of Business Administration

Cultivating general knowledge that designs businesses through interaction with diverse people

The Graduate School of Business Administration is a business school-style graduate school for working persons who “design” businesses. In Japan, the word “design” is often primarily understood to mean the patterns or markings of an object, but here, we use it to also refer to envisioning of the future. To put it another way, the mission of the Graduate School of Business Administration is to develop individuals who will pioneer a new society through envisioning creative forms of business. There are difficulties to for people and organizations to adapt to their environments where changes occur quickly in globalized societies and economies, and creative destruction continues to occur. For us to become independent individuals who can recognize our own value and contribute to society, we must not only try to adapt to our environment; we must also transform ourselves into business creators who can design the environments we want to exist in. New businesses are not created by the special knowledge and experience of one person; they are structures formed by joining together the knowledge and experience of diverse people from the past and the present. Only individuals with general knowledge who can organically integrate the knowledge and experience of specialists: “generalist specialists” can develop the future of business. A unique feature of this graduate school (the MBA course) is to provide basic knowledge relating to business administration, and to use a common language among diversified academic and professional backgrounds, ages and genders, nationalities, and more. Additionally, the classes are scheduled suitable for working persons, and the course can be completed with evening and Saturday classes only. For those who wish to pursue further specialized research after obtaining a master’s degree, we also offer a doctoral program (the DBA course).


  • Graduate Program in Business Administration

    Focusing on developing the creative abilities that enable students to envision a business—This program provides wide-ranging knowledge to get a bird’s-eye view of business administration, and develops the creative abilities that enable students to envision a business. Our curriculum is made up of modules, which bring together the subject groups corresponding to the skills and themes students want to study, allowing students to take courses based on their objectives and interests.

    Most of the subjects on the curriculum are fundamental subjects, which are useful for expanding one’s areas of specialization and fostering logical thinking ability and multifaceted points of view. The required subject of Business Simulation provides the decision-making skills and knowledge vital to business creation, and this is joined by a variety of advanced subjects to give students a solid educational foundation, broad specialization, advanced knowledge, and honed business sense. Students study strategic decision-making in a virtual business as a team, developing their logical analytical skills and creative imagination. Students also work with real companies and regions to propose business plans and region revitalization plans. Additionally, in subjects such as Consulting Methods, students offer problem-solving plans and business plans for small-and-medium-sized enterprises.

    Establishing a network of diverse talent
    Students can stimulate their creative imagination and develop their general business skills through intellectual exchange with other graduate students. With graduate students coming from diverse backgrounds of professional roles and expertise, we provide an environment to create networks of diverse talent which provide hard-to-come-by intellectual stimulation.
    Developing various joint projects
    In addition to individual research by faculty, the Graduate School of Business Administration carries out various kinds of joint research in cooperation with scholars and researchers from inside and outside of the university. We have been chosen for projects such as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s General Program Development for Management of Technology (MOT) (via Mitsubishi Research Institute) , and the Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Project of Establishing & Upgrading Open Research Centers, Cooperative Plans for High-level Personnel Dispatch, and MEXT-Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities, providing them with practical research in developing talent that can contribute to society. Faculty are also engaged in joint programs with Nikkei, Inc. and the Mainichi Newspapers Co., Ltd., collaborative entrepreneur development programs with Hanno-Shinkin Bank and Sugamo Shinkin Bank, and regional brand manager development projects with the objective of local regeneration. At the Graduate School of Business Administration, various other projects are being planned around our faculty as well, and we are carrying out joint projects in which graduate students can participate.

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