Degree Courses Offered in English


Based on the internationalization strategy "Rikkyo Global 24", Rikkyo University has set the goal of increasing foreign students to 2,000 by 2024.
Rikkyo University offers around 500 classes in English and will be increasing the number of courses offered in English at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.


Dual Language Pathway (College of Intercultural Communication)

The DLP is a program that aims to develop people who contribute to the global community, and enables students to use both English and Japanese over their four years of study. DLP students earn credit for all College of Intercultural Communication specialized courses in English, and write their graduation theses (academic papers) in English.

Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP)

The Global Liberal Arts Program is a four-year undergraduate program that allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree taught entirely in English. Liberal arts education is a part of Rikkyo University’s distinctive educational feature which encourages students to pursue their own academic interest, to expand academic horizons and to deepen the understanding of various theories and philosophies.


Master in International Business Program (Graduate School of Business)

The College of Business at Rikkyo University offers a full-time, two-year, Master of International Business (MIB) degree program that is designed to develop our students’ ability to conceptualize, plan, and implement business in diverse and intercultural contexts. The degree has been established in response to industry demand for highly qualified, bilingual graduates with wide ranging international experience and the ability to conceptualize complex business problems.

Master of Public Management and Administration Course (Graduate School of Business)

The Master of Public Management and Administration Course (MPMA) is a two-year program whose primary focus is public management. It is designed to develop the capacity of the students to formulate, manage, and evaluate policies and programs. Students in the MPMA Course are expected to take courses in Public Management, Economics, and Business in order to build strong theoretical and methodological foundations.