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To the administrative staff of companies or organizations in charge of background checks:

Rikkyo University does not, in principle, disclose information about our students’ (or the candidates to be employed) academic record to anyone except them. If you want to inquire about their academic record, please first ask them for their certificate of graduation (or withdrawal), official transcript, etc.

For the companies doing the background check, Rikkyo University will confirm the accuracy of any information that they have given about their academic record or the authenticity of any certificate or transcript issued by Rikkyo University that they have submitted under the following condition:


  • The candidates have given written consent for Rikkyo University to provide their personal information to your company or organization

Inquiries accepted

  • Accuracy of information submitted by the candidates about their academic record (limited to details regarding Rikkyo University)
  • Authenticity of certificates, etc. submitted by the candidates (limited to original copies issued by Rikkyo University)

How to inquire (We accept inquires by email only)

Please make sure to provide the following when inquiring about an academic record and send an email to the email address below attaching documents and information below.
(1)A personal information disclosure letter of consent with candidate's signature and a response form regarding your inquiry
(2)A photocopy of a certificate, official transcript, etc. issued by Rikkyo University
(3) The candidates’ full name (romanized spelling) while enrolled at university, gender, date of birth, and the items you want to confirm
*We cannot accept an inquiry unless you provide the information regarding the candidates’ academic record.
(4)Specifying your return email address.

*We will reply as soon as possible, but it may take some time depending on the details being confirmed. Also, we are unable to reply while our office is officially closed (e.g. summer break or winter holidays). Please understand that we may require extra time to respond.
*Inquiries about a change of name or any other items that are not related to academic records cannot be accepted.
*Please note that there may be cases that we may be unable to respond to some items even if they are related to academic records.

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