Yangchoon Kwak

The story of Rikkyo University began with the founding in 1874 of the Rikkyo School, which taught Bible and English studies. At the time, the general trend in Japan was towards utilitarian thinking, and there was a pronounced focus on striving for material prosperity. The Rikkyo School embodied an awareness of the dangers posed by some of the trends that were affecting Japan during this period, and sought to take traditional Western liberal arts education as a model for the cultivation of people who, combining richness of spirit with leadership skills, would be able to make a meaningful personal contribution to the world. Rikkyo University has continued to follow this path right down to the present day.

While the modern era’s globalisation has helped to make life more convenient for people and fostered more diversi¬fied lifestyles, it has also led to excessively intense competition. Our hope is that people who study at Rikkyo University will go on to become the kind of people who never hesitate to stretch out their hands to help others.

By cultivating this kind of person, we believe that we are opening a path towards the emergence of new kinds of relationships, and of a society in which people live in harmony with one another. I am fi¬rmly convinced that today, more than 140 years after our institution was ¬first founded, we are once again entering an era in which Rikkyo University’s leadership education has an important role to play in the world.

You are now at a period in your lives which is full of “dynamism and imagination ”. I hope that you will take full advantage of the environment at Rikkyo University to have a meaningful and fulfi¬lling student life.
President's Biography


Yangchoon Kwak

Date of Birth

July 21, 1959

Current Position

President, Rikkyo University
Professor, Department of Economics, College of Economics, Rikkyo University
Executive Board Member, Rikkyo Educational Corporation

Academic Qualification

B.A. in Economics, Hosei University (1983)
M.A. in Economics , Rikkyo University(1990)

Previous Positions

April, 2009-March, 2011
Dean, College of Economics and Politics, Rikkyo University
April, 2011-March, 2013
Director of the Academy Rikkyo University
April, 2013-March, 2015
Dean, College of Economics and Politics, Rikkyo University

Association with Academic Societies

  • The Japan Society of International Economics
  • Political Economy & Economic History Society
  • International Academic Society for Asian Community
  • Peace Studies Association of Japan
  • Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies
  • Japan Society of Political Economy


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Vice Presidents
Senior Vice President
Takehiko Ikegami
Vice President and Director, Organization for Global Initiatives
Nobuko Ikeda
Vice President
Hideko Oyama
Masamichi Nozawa
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