Chapels and Services


Rich with tradition and history, Rikkyo is supported by its founding principles, and the activities of the chapels directly practice these principles. In addition to the various services carried out at the chapels, the adjacent Chapel House also sometimes carries out a Bible Study Group, and there are full-time chaplains to provide help for a variety of counseling matters or questions.

Chapels and Services

A chapel is a place of prayer and worship adjoining facilities such as schools or hospitals. Rikkyo Gakuin has three chapels, located in Ikebukuro (All Saints’ Chapel), Niiza (St. Paul's Chapel), and the Primary School (All Angels’ Chapel). These chapels exist for all people associated with Rikkyo Gakuin, and in addition to the daily services and lessons taking place, there are also events such as concerts. We will introduce the chapels located at the Ikebukuro and Niiza Campuses here. All people are welcome to participate or watch services, so please feel free to attend.

Rikkyo All Saints' Chapel (Ikebukuro Campus)

All Saints’ Chapel was built around the same time as Morris Hall (the main building) and the main library, with construction completing in 1918. Only the chapel was built at first, with the west waiting room, gallery, and balcony above entrance (choir stalls) featured in its current form added later. In 1996, parts such as the brickwork and roof were renovated, and through base isolation work taking place from 1998 to 1999, the building became able to withstand an earthquake of the same class as the Great Kanto Earthquake. In 1999, the building was selected as a historic building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.

Rikkyo St. Paul's Chapel (Niiza Campus)

Located just between the Niiza Junior and Senior High Schools and the University, St. Paul's Chapel is the face of the iconic view leading in from the main gate. The building was designed by the architect Antonin Raymond, and completed in 1963. There is a gallery on the left side of the chapel leading to Chapel House, and when seen from above, the gallery has a five-sided shape that represents “Ritsu,” the first character of the University’s name. The bell tower standing in the lawn surrounded by the gallery stands at 31 meters tall. Large, medium, and small bells announce the times for services.
Information on chapel closing times

Ikebukuro chapel closing times

Monday to Friday: 17:00; Saturday: 12:30
* Please be aware that the chapel may close early, or be closed all day during the spring, summer, fall, or winter recesses of the University (please inquire for details).
* The chapel is closed on holidays (excluding University school days) and during the University entrance exam period (early to mid-February).

Niiza chapel closing times

Monday to Friday: 17:00; Saturday: 13:00
* Please be aware that the chapel may close early, or be closed all day during the spring, summer, fall, or winter recesses of the University (please inquire for details).
* The chapel is closed on holidays (excluding University school days) and during the entrance exam period for the University/Niiza Junior and Senior High Schools (from the end of January to early to mid-February).
Information on Services

Rikkyo All Saints’ Chapel (Ikebukuro chapel)

【Early morning Communion】Typically from 7:00 every day (excluding University-wide holiday period)
Communion is a service that has been carefully observed by the Church since its foundation, and is also called Mass.

【Morning prayers】Monday to Saturday, 8:30 to 8:50 (during semester)
This service is held at the Ikebukuro chapel every morning of the semester.
This service is for prayers to start the day. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, a University chaplain will share a message based on the Bible, and Thursdays, senior students and members of faculty and staff will speak on the subject of campus life in the “Students and Faculty/Staff Talk” section. On Fridays, the song of the choir fills the chapel during “Morning Prayers through Song.”

【Friday service】Every Friday, 17:30 to 18:30 (during semester)
This service takes place every Friday from 17:30 during the semester. These “Evening Prayers” consist of a message from the chaplain, and a performance of songs and music by the chapel choir and handbell choir. This is a traditional style of service of the Anglican Church, called “choral evensong.”
Additionally, on every fourth Friday of the month, the chaplain carries out a “planned service,” which provides time for various different prayers.

【Sunday service】Every Sunday
7:00 am: Communion
9:00 am: Children’s service (Sayuri Group Sunday school)
10:00 am: Communion

Rikkyo St. Paul's Chapel (Niiza chapel)

【Early morning service (Communion)】Every Thursday from 7:10) (Excluding summer/winter recess. Please inquire for details.)

【Service (Communion)】Every Sunday from 11:00) (Excluding summer/winter recess. Please inquire for details.)

【Monday evening prayers】Every Monday, 16:45 to 17:30 (during semester)
Spend a moment of peace in the chapel at the end of the day, before setting out on the way home. There will be words from the chaplain, a pipe organ performance by a Rikkyo Gakuin organist, prayer, and hymns. Please also enjoy a moment for tea after the service.

【Chapel hour】Every Tuesday and Thursday, 12:40 to 13:00 (during semester)
This is a moment for prayer during the midday break, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be a message from the chaplain based on the Bible, prayer, and hymns. Please also enjoy the pipe organ music within the chapel.

The Episcopal Church

The original school from which Rikkyo University evolved was founded by Bishop Channing Moore Williams. Bishop Williams had been sent to Japan from the United States as a missionary in 1859, at a time when Christian teaching in Japan was still prohibited. Rikkyo University maintains close ties with the Episcopal Church (and the Anglican Church in England) global network to this day.

Historically, the Episcopal Church is a branch of Christianity that dates back to the Reformation in sixteenth century in England. The Episcopal Church is said to embrace both the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and the beliefs put forth by the Protestant Reformation (which forms the spirit of the Protestant Church). Episcopalians value a balance between the Bible, tradition, and reason. The Chapel of Rikkyo University is among the thirty-three churches and nine chapels (located in hospitals, schools, and other facilities) that make up the Tokyo Diocese of the Anglican-Episcopal Church of Japan.

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