Niiza Campus Guide


An Open Campus Closely Rooted in the Local Community
Niiza campus, located in Niiza city, Saitama Prefecture just outside the Tokyo metropolitan area, is home to students from the Colleges and Graduate Schools of Tourism, Community and Human Services, and Contemporary Psychology. The campus has classrooms and laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, a spacious sporting facility, and Niiza Library which is open to Niiza residents, boasting rich greenery and an open atmosphere. The second floor of Niiza Library houses Shiori (“Niiza Library Learning Commons”), comprised of three types of spaces to accommodate different styles of group learning.

Building No. 1

The symbol of the Niiza campus. Home to a large lecture hall, the Career Center, the Health Center, the Information Lounge, Convenience Store and Bookstore.

Building No. 4, No. 8

Building No. 8 offers seminar rooms for English discussion classes and group work, a computer room, and the Media Center on the second floor. On the first floor, the Global Lounge is a venue where a wide variety of international-exchange events take place.

Building No. 6

Niiza Library, Loft 1, Loft 2, Center for Human Rights and Anti-Harassment

Niiza Library

(Building No. 6)
The Niiza Library is a general academic and research library that houses a vast collection of 260,000 books and documents, specializing in tourism, community and human services, psychology, body expression and cinematic arts. The Library also offers A/V booths and PCs for students’u se. On the second floor is Shiori (the Niiza Library Learning Commons), a space equipped with group study rooms, multi-purpose studios and other facilities for active learning.

Building No. 7

(Academic Affairs Division, Student Affairs Division, International Office,Volunteer Center, Certification Courses Office, Students with Disabilities Support Office)
Administrative student services and the International Office are located here under the same roof.

Rikkyo St. Paul's Chapel

The unique arches present a truly beautiful exterior of this chapel. The bell tower next door tolls to signal the beginning of worship services.


(Student Cafeteria)
A glass-enclosed cafeteria with nearly 700 seats inside and with seating outside on the terrace as well.


The gymnasium features five indoor competition arenas, a boxing ring, sumo ring, and other sports facilities.

Student Counseling Center

Film Studio, Laboratory Annex

Tachikawa Memorial International Hall

It was built with a generous donation by the late Asako Tachikawa in memory of her late husband, Shozaburo Tachikawa, an alumnus of Rikkyo. It houses halls, conferences rooms, and lodging for short-term stays. The building is also the communication center for exchange activities between people associated with Rikkyo.

Niiza Repository Library

Center for Educational Testing and Phychological Consulting

Baseball Field

St. Paul’s Field

St. Paul’s Aquatics Center

The Aquatics Center features an indoor heated swimming pool. It can be used as one pool divided into 10 lanes of 50m each, or into two pools consisting of 8 lanes of 25m each.

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