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H1N1 Influenza Update (Important Announcement)


H1N1 Influenza Update (Important Announcement)

To All Rikkyo Students, Faculty, and Staff

Summer Vacation season report on H1N1 influenza

The university will be on vacation schedule from Aug. 1 to Sep. 18. The H1N1 strain so far seems to be weak, but the number of infected persons has steadily increased. During the summer vacation, students and faculty will spread out widely in Japan and overseas, and will have contact with many other persons. Therefore we hope all will take proper precautions.

If you find yourself with a fever or other symptoms, please seek medical attention immediately. If an individual or several members of a club or circle contract the H1N1 influenza, please notify the university clinic. In the case of another type of influenza that infects members of a club or circle, please also notify the university clinic.

Rikkyo university clinic (Ikebukuro Campus) : 03-3985-2651
During summer vacation, the contact place is the Rikkyo University Ikebukuro campus clinic.
Saturdays and Sundays During the vacation, and also for all the days from Aug. 12 to Aug. 20, the clinic will be closed.
During times the clinic is closed, please contact the campus security office: 03-3985-2288

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