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Updated Announcement Regarding H1N1 Influenza


To Rikkyo Students, Faculty, and Staff

On May 9th, health authorities at Narita Airport confirmed several cases of H1N1 influenza from passengers returning to Japan from overseas. Although these cases have been confirmed, Rikkyo’s education and research activities, as well as classes, will continue to be performed as usual.

However, because the situation may change in the future, we ask that all members check the university homepage each day for emergency announcements.

Currently, travel restrictions to other countries have not been imposed, but if you are planning a trip, please consider carefully whether it is necessary, and monitor the situation in that country. If travel is necessary, please consult the information resources listed below. In any case, please observe the following measures to protect against infection:

During travel:
1. Wearing a mask while traveling to prevent infection through coughing or sneezing.
2. Frequent thorough hand washing with soap.
3. Consulting a doctor on appearance of serious symptoms such as cough, fever, chills, joint pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

Upon return:
1. If flu-like symptoms arise, please stay home and contact the University for quarantine information.
2. Consult a local health center and inform them of countries you have visited.
3. In any case, with any questions please contact Rikkyo University Health Care Room (03-3985-2651), or Niiza Campus Health Care Room (048-471-6680).
4. Even if you do not exhibit symptoms, please wear a mask for seven days after returning.

Further information is available from these websites:
Japanese Health Ministry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs home page (in Japanese)

Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, National Center of Infectious Diseases Information

Overseas Pages
WHO (World Health Organization) information about H1N1 influenza

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention H1N1 Flu page

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