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Privacy Policy
Practices for the Handling of Personal Information at Rikkyo University

July 1st, 2006 (Updated November 2012)

Basic Concept on Personal Information

Rikkyo University understands the importance of protecting personal information and that providing appropriate controls is an important social responsibility. We uphold the laws and regulations on Personal Information and are committed to protecting individual data in accordance with the Privacy Policy below, which is based on the Rikkyo University Personal Information Protection Regulations.

1. What is Personal Information

Personal information includes all personally identifiable information on current and former undergraduate students, graduate students, examinees, guarantors, and academic staff at Rikkyo University.

2. Information Gathering

Personal Information shall be gathered through appropriate and reasonable means and not through wrongful means. The purpose of using Personal Information shall be specified except where it is self-evident.

3. Purposes of Using Personal Information

Rikkyo University uses Personal Information to provide necessary services for regular curricular and extracurricular education and research activities. In the case of more specific purposes, these shall be disclosed when Personal Information is collected.

4. Information Usage

Personal Information collected shall be used only for the stated purpose among Rikkyo University and relevant institutions (the Rikkyo Educational Corporation, other partner universities and graduate schools which have concluded an agreement with Rikkyo University and the Rikkyo Graduate School). Please refer to such documents as course syllabi for the names of partner universities and graduate schools.

5. Provision of Information

(1) Rikkyo University and relevant institutions shall not provide information to other parties except in the following cases:

  1. When it is essential to our administrative services
  2. When we have the consent of the individuals concerned
  3. When we are ordered to do so by laws and regulations
  4. When it is emergent and inevitable in order to protect the lives of the individuals concerned
  5. When it is required by public institutions for identification and authentication of information
  6. When it is used for academic research
  7. When it meets other standards specified separately for providing information

(2) Personal Information of undergraduate and postgraduate students (on your student registry, course registration, academic results, extracurricular activities, careers advice and health, and so on) may be provided to your guarantors who are registered on our database for purposes such as study support, livelihood support, or career support. If you are 20 years or older and do not wish to have your information disclosed, please contact one of the offices in charge of academic affairs and we will cease disclosure of your information.

(3) Personal Information (on your affiliation, name and address, or your guarantor’s name and address) may be provided to RIKKYO PLANNING, RIKKYO OFFICE MANAGEMENT, and RIKKYO FACILITY MANAGEMENT for the sake of the convenience of campus life outside regular courses and extracurricular activities. In addition, Personal Information (on your affiliation, graduation date, student ID number, name, date of birth, sex, nationality, name of the school you attended previously, current address and phone number) may be provided to the Rikkyo Alumni Association for the purpose of providing alumni with information about Rikkyo University after graduation.

Rikkyo University requires RIKKYO PLANNING, RIKKYO OFFICE MANAGEMENT, and RIKKYO FACILITY MANAGEMENT, and the Rikkyo Alumni Association to fully implement Personal Information protection to ensure that it is not used for purposes other than those indicated above and also take adequate measures for the appropriate management of Personal Information. If you do not wish to avail yourself of the services of RIKKYO PLANNING, RIKKYO OFFICE MANAGEMENT, and RIKKYO FACILITY MANAGEMENT, or the Rikkyo Alumni Association, please contact one of the offices in charge of academic affairs and we will cease disclosure of your information.

Note 1) The offices in charge of Academic Affairs include the Academic Affairs Office, the Academic Affairs Office at Niiza Campus Administration Division, the Independent Graduate Schools Office, and the Law School Office.

Note 2) The Rikkyo Planning Group was set up as a for-profit business, establishing a stable management system enabling Rikkyo Educational Corporation to provide a comprehensive education based on Christian principles, and to realize the concepts of coexistence and mutual assistance. The main businesses are listed below:

6. Methods of Information Management

Rikkyo University takes appropriate measures to keep Personal Information correct and updated. In addition, we also take reasonable safeguards to avoid divulgation, falsification, and loss of or illegal access to Personal Information. Our outsourcing business contracts include a non-disclosure agreement requiring strict management on the part of outsourcing companies so that Personal Information shall not be used other than for the purposes stated. To comply with the above, Rikkyo University assigns a general manager of Personal Information Protection and each department appoints an administrator of Personal Information.

7. Disclosure and Amendment of Information

Personal Information shall be disclosed in accordance with the Rikkyo University Personal Information Protection Regulations and accompanying Detailed Enforcement Regulations. Personal Information shall be amended immediately when it is found to be incorrect.

8. Motions for Complaint

If you disagree with how we manage Personal Information, you can file complaints with the Personal Information Protection Review Board. Your complaints will be heard at the Rikkyo University main offices.

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