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Entry to the Ikebukuro campus will be prohibited during the entrance exam period


During the entrance exam period from Feb. 6th (Fri) through 14th (Sat), the university will prohibit any entry into the premises of the Ikebukuro campus. Any entry to the campus will be also restricted on the day before the exam dates (i.e., Feb. 5th) just like on the exam dates.

1. Any entry into the campus on the following dates during the specified times will be prohibited except for the university staffs.

Feb. 5th (Thu): All day (Preparation day)
Feb. 6th (Fri): All day
Feb. 7th (Sat): From 13:00 (Preparation day)
Feb. 8th (Sun): All day
Feb. 9th (Mon): All day
Feb. 10th (Tue): From 13:00 (Preparation day)
Feb. 11th (Wed): All day
Feb. 12th (Thu): All day
Feb. 13th (Fri):All day
Feb. 14th (Sat): All day

2. The dates and times during which entry into the campus will be allowed without any entry procedure are as follows.

From 7:30 to 13:00 on Feb. 7th (Sat) and 10th (Tue)

3. Any entry into the buildings where the exams are taking place (excluding the administration offices and the graduate student rooms) will be prohibited even during the dates and times when entry to the campus is permitted as specified in 2. above.

4. If any students wish to enter the campus on the examination dates for inevitable reasons, they must go to the security office in Building No. 12, present their student ID card, and enter the premises after following the due procedure.

5. The use of some campus facilities may be still restricted after the entrance exams are over (from the 15th on).

6. Restrictions, etc. on entry to the Niiza campus will be determined separately.

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