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Rikkyo University Establishes an Academic Exchange Agreement with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences


Rikkyo University and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) have concluded an academic exchange agreement.
CASS is the 38th exchange-partner institution for Rikkyo University (third in terms of academic-exchange-only agreements, following University of Paris II and Cuttington University in Liberia). Growing out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CASS was established in 1977, and is a stronghold of research in the fields of philosophy and social sciences.It is also functioning as a the think tank for the Chinese Government under the direct control of the State Council, the chief administrative authority of the People’s Republic of China. CASS is the highest academic research organization in China, consisting of 31 research institutes and 45 research centers with 4,200 professional researchers.
Based upon this agreement, Rikkyo University is now ready to develop a variety of programs through cooperation with CASS, putting intellectual exchanges with Chinese researchers in the forefront.
More specifically, Rikkyo University and CASS intend to team up to study environmental and civic problems that are likely to arise after the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008. Public lectures and symposiums by visiting researchers are also planned for the future.

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