Jun 22, 2021

Job Announcement for Specially Appointed Associate Professor F (English CLIL curriculum planning / development / administration) at the Center for Foreign Language Education and Research – FLER Application Deadline: 2021.8.22



Job Announcement for Specially Appointed Associate Professor F (English CLIL curriculum planning / development / administration) at the Center for Foreign Language Education and Research – FLER Application Deadline: 2021.8.22

1. Number of Positions
Three, Specially Appointed Associate Professor F (English), Professor or Associate Professor

2. Conditions
Full-time. One-year contract renewable four times (up to five years in total).

3. Starting Date
April 1, 2022

4. Research Field
English Language Education and/or any related field that can contribute to English Language Education

5. Job Details
1) Responsible for teaching and administration of various English language subjects (university-wide curriculum, especially CLIL courses).
2) Responsible for planning, developing and managing the university-wide language education curriculum (especially CLIL courses).
3) Responsible for work related to the university’s entrance exam.
4) Responsible for work assigned by the Dean of FLER.

6. Qualifications
1) Those with a doctoral degree.
2) Those who have extensive knowledge and experience of English education curriculum development and management based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).
3) Those who are willing to work on designing English education curricula.
4) Those who have sufficient management skills for stable curriculum operation.
5) Those who have the ability to teach in English, and proficiency in Japanese sufficient to perform administrative duties.
6) Those who have full-time teaching experience (limited-contract work included) at the university level.

7. Work Location
Office: Rikkyo University, Center for Foreign Language Education and Research, Ikebukuro Campus
Teaching: Ikebukuro Campus & Niiza Campus

8. Remuneration and Benefits
Based on the rules of Rikkyo University.
For reference (FY2020 results): First year salary 8 million yen (the amount is before various deductions. Annual salary system. No bonus or retirement allowance), individual research expenses 310,000 yen per year.

9. Application Documents
1) Curriculum Vitae and Research Achievements (Designated Form)
・Use CV in Rikkyo format. No other formats will be accepted.
・Must include contact information (including telephone number and email address) and a photo.
・Must indicate the subject/courses taught in the “Teaching Experience” section.
2) Three PDF versions of research papers related to English language education.
・Must include at least one paper written in English.
3) A syllabus for a one-semester English course (A4 size, 1 page) as well as the teaching plan of Day 7 of the course (A4 size, up to 3 pages), written either in Japanese or English, satisfying the following conditions:
・Target students: those whose level is CEFR B1
・Course contents: CLIL course for one of the following areas; humanities, social science, or natural science.
・Class size: approximately 20 students in class
・Class time & Number of classes: Rikkyo University lessons are 100 minutes per class, meet once a week for 14 weeks per semester.
4) A PDF of your most recent certificate of degree.

10. Application Deadline
All documents must arrive no later than Sunday, August 22, 2021.

11. Submission Contact Information
Center for Foreign Language Education and Research, Rikkyo University
Email: fler-saiyo@rikkyo.ac.jp
・Submit application documents as email attachments to the above email address. The email subject line must be “Application for a Specially Appointed Associate Professor F position (FAMILY NAME)”. (Note: If you are applying for a Specially Appointed Associate Professor A position at the same time, please send it by a separate email.)
・Submitted documents will not be returned.

[Process of selection and method of result notification]
(1) Primary selection via screening of documents
・Those who have passed the document screening will be notified by email by Friday, September 3, 2021.

(2) Secondary selection via presentation (15 minutes for a model lesson and 15 minutes for an interview in English)
・Interviews and model lessons are scheduled to be held from Monday, September 13 to Thursday, September 23.
・Transportation expenses for the interview will not be reimbursed. There is also the possibility that interviews will be held online.

Download documents from the below:
*The FLER office will be closed from Thursday, August 12 to Sunday, August 22 due to University summer holiday. We will respond to all enquiries upon our return on Monday, August 23.
*We cannot answer any questions regarding the selection process and the reasons for acceptance or rejection.
*During the screening process, we may ask for additional materials.
*Personal information in the application documents will not be used for purposes other than for the selection.

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