Striving to become a university that stands out in the world Internationalization of Rikkyo University, toward a new stage

Rikkyo University has worked to promote international advancement through its unique initiatives including advanced leadership education and liberal arts education spanning 140 years. In the “Rikkyo Global 24” internationalization strategy that was announced in May 2014, we set objectives for each of 24 projects including study abroad placements, intake of international students, proportion of foreign faculty members, and partnerships with liberal arts colleges in Europe and the USA. The concept of “Global Liberal Arts Education -Leadership Education - Self-Transformation: The Evolution of Rikkyo as a World-Class University” which is based on this internationalization strategy, was recognized by MEXT as the “Top Global University Project (Global Traction Type).” The mission is to “engage in pioneering efforts that will drive the internationalization of Japanese society.” The Internationalization of Rikkyo University is advancing to a new stage. We will strive to promote reform through self-transformation with creativity and expansibility, enhance our presence as a university located in Asia, stand out in the world and contribute to the international community.

Yangchoon Kwak , President of Rikkyo University