University's Countermeasures against the Novel Coronavirus(Covid-19)
(updated March 20)


There is concern that the Novel Coronavirus will spread even more within Japan, with a large number of cases being reported in multiple regions within the country. The state of infection overseas also continues to change moment by moment.Rikkyo University’s latest response to the Coronavirus will be placed below.
Contacting the University About COVID-19 Infection (Applicable until May 7, 2023) (updated March 20, 2023)
Altering the restriction level in activity restriction policy (updated March 10,2023)
Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 (2022 Academic Year) (updated March 10,2023)
About Entry to Campus and University Reception Services (from September 20, 2022) (Updated March 10,2023)
About Prevention of COVID-19 Infection (2022 Academic Year) (updated March 10,2023)
Campus Entry Possibility Regarding COVID-19 (after September 20, 2022) (updated December 12, 2022)
To all international students studying at Rikkyo University (updated February 17)
Rikkyo’s responses to conducting the final exams for Academic Year 2021 (updated January 24)
Regarding the MEXT Student Emergency Support for Continuation of Studies (updated December 23)
Implementation of University-based Vaccination for the Novel Coronavirus Vaccine (Updated September 29)
Rikkyo’s responses to conducting the final exams for Spring 2021
Implementation of monitoring tests for COVID-19 (updated May 21)
Temporary alteration for how Rikkyo’s classes in Spring 2021 will be conducted (updated April 27)
Rikkyo’s response to the declaration of a state of emergency (Urgent) (updated April 23)
To all new second-year students (updated April 1)
To all the new students (updated April 1)
Entering the Country and Returning from Overseas (updated May 21)
Guidelines for Consultation Regarding Novel Coronavirus Infection (updated May 11)
Regarding travel overseas
Rikkyo University, in principle, from now on prohibits all students, faculty and staff from traveling to the countries or areas that have a travel warning of level 2 or higher (Level 2: Avoid Non-essential Travel) according to the Warning on Infectious Diseases section of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Safety Information website.
・Please refrain from all non-essential, non-urgent travel to countries and regions other than the above as well. If you think you may have contracted the Novel Coronavirus, please refer to "Prevention Measures and Guide of Consultation" for what to do.


The university has created a Q&A of the most common queries about COVID-19.

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