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The Media Center provides support for educational and research use of computers and multimedia equipment, and offers a broad range of related services. The Center manages the network environment, the computer rooms, as well as the audio and visual equipment installed in classrooms. It also instructs faculty on the operation of this equipment, supports lectures and presentations, and digitalizes research and educational documents.

Rikkyo University's on-line network environment includes the Rikkyo V-Campus (Virtual Campus) Project which began in 1999. This network is regularly upgraded to provide powerful support for research, educational, and administrative uses.

As of Spring 2008, the university added an additional 900 computers to the computer rooms in Building No. 8 (Ikebukuro Campus), and 400 more computers at its Niiza Campus. These rooms are available for both classroom and personal use. Furthermore, the computer rooms for language learning support both ordinary computer functions as well as a language learning environment designed for a multimedia platform.

The mainframes, workstations, and personal computers used in the computer rooms and for research or administrative work throughout the campus are all connected by a high-speed LAN as well as to the Internet.

The Media Center provides every Rikkyo faculty member and student with an e-mail address and a web page domain. The center also administers and manages educational support tools such as SPIRIT, a personal portal service, and CHORUS, a web-based course support system. By providing these services, the Media Center plays a prominent role in promoting active communication among students as well as between the faculty and student body.

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