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Message from the President

In 1874, Rikkyo University, one of the oldest private universities in Japan, was established in Tokyo. Our tradition is academic freedom, and we welcome students and researchers from all backgrounds and with diverse views. Since our founding, we have emphasized liberal arts education and a global perspective, educating the whole student to help them develop the skills and talents to contribute to society.Upon graduating from Rikkyo, students will be ready to shoulder a sense of shared responsibility as active members of society of their generation like our alumni who are active leaders in their chosen fields and are dutifully serving their respective communities throughout Japan and overseas. I am confident that future graduates from Rikkyo will continue this tradition of serving the common good and make an everlasting mark on a global scale.

Rikkyo University is highly regarded in the field of research, and many of our faculty members are acclaimed researchers who sit on the boards of academic societies and associations. The university often hosts major academic conferences and congresses as well as international symposia that attract participants from all over Japan and around the globe.In addition, a wide range of workshops and lectures are often held on our campus, with many open to the general public.Today, Rikkyo University has exchange agreements with many universities in the Asia-Pacific region,Europe, North and South America. We believe that diversity leads to global enrichment and understanding. For that reason, the purpose of international exchange at Rikkyo is to attain a deeper understanding of the other, with full respect for diversity, in order to grow the self. Rikkyo has been selected as a Top Global University Project, and we will be adding even more opportunities for studying abroad and overseas training course.

Rikkyo University students can take part in a number of programs that provide many different types of experiences. Rikkyo has a long tradition of volunteer activities. We offer students access to popular and well-organized extracurricular activities, such as sports and cultural events, as well as extensive forestry and agriculture workshops, in addition to several other social groups and programs.

Rikkyo University offers many gateways to step through, and each leads to a world based upon its own unique characteristics. With 143 years of tradition, I assure you that Rikkyo University will continue to strive for further enrichment of our academic and research programs, along with the active promotion of international exchanges, to maintain the openness befitting our well-known title: Jiyu no Gakufu, or an Academy of Freedom.

Tomoya Yoshioka, Ph.D.
Rikkyo University


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