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Rikkyo University's Connection with the Episcopal Church

The original school from which Rikkyo University evolved was founded by Bishop Channing Moore Williams. Bishop Williams had been sent to Japan from the United States as a missionary in 1859, at a time when Christian teaching in Japan was still prohibited. Rikkyo University maintains close ties with the Episcopal Church (and the Anglican Church in England) global network to this day.

Historically, the Episcopal Church is a branch of Christianity that dates back to the Reformation in sixteenth century in England. The Episcopal Church is said to embrace both the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church and the beliefs put forth by the Protestant Reformation (which forms the spirit of the Protestant Church). Episcopalians value a balance between the Bible, tradition, and reason. The Chapel of Rikkyo University is among the thirty-three churches and nine chapels (located in hospitals, schools, and other facilities) that make up the Tokyo Diocese of the Anglican-Episcopal Church of Japan.

About Rikkyo University's Chapels

Rikkyo All Saints Chapel

Rikkyo St. Paul’s Chapel

The Ikebukuro Campus and the Niiza Campus each have their own chapel. These chapels serve as Rikkyo University's symbols, and strive to provide education based on the spirit of Christianity. They also act as the venue for various Christian activities that the university sponsors. The chapel is open to all as a place of prayer, rest, and contemplation.

In addition to holding various types of worship, the adjoining chapel hall holds bible study sessions as the occasion warrants. The resident chaplains are always on hand to respond to questions and concerns. The chapels are open to not only those affiliated with Rikkyo University, but also to those in the local community.
All are welcome to take part in virtually all of the chapel programs offered at Rikkyo University.

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