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Niiza Campus

Building No. 1

The symbol of the Niiza campus. Home to a large lecture hall, the Career Center, the Health Center, and the Information Lounge.

Building No. 2

Building No. 2 houses seminar rooms for small groups. The Volunteer Center is located on the first floor and provides information to assist students engaging in volunteer activities.

Building No. 3

Mainly composed of medium-sized classrooms and practice rooms. The second floor has classrooms for language instruction curriculum common to all university students, as well as classrooms for school and community educational courses.

Building No. 4

The student cafeteria Kokage and the common room Subway are located on the first floor. The student cafeteria Kokage offers a variety of meals and drinks such as rice omelets and café latte.

Building No. 5

This classroom building contains study rooms and lounges for the graduate students and faculty of the College of Tourism and the College of Community and Human Services.

Building No. 6(Loft1, Loft2)

This building offers the latest in classroom technologies, including a space for major plays and other performances.

Building No. 7

Niiza Campus Office Academic Affairs, the Certification Programs Office, and other offices are located on the first floor. Student Affairs, the International Office, the Volunteer Center, and the Support Office for Students with Disabilities are located on the second floor.

Niiza Library (Building No. 6)

The Niiza Library houses nearly 230,000 books and 770 kinds of periodicals covering mainly the fields of tourism, welfare, psychology, body expression, and cinematic arts. In 2012, Shiori (the Learning Commons) was opened on the 2nd floor to provide a group study area.

The Niiza Repository Library was built to store Rikkyo University special collections. Valuable books and magazines, special collections, and microfilm are among the materials stored here.


The gymnasium features five indoor competition arenas, a boxing ring, sumo ring, and other sports facilities.

Laboratory Annex

This facility is used for psychological experiments.

Film Studio

The Film Studio is associated with the creative programs of the College of Contemporary Psychology. Fully equipped with professional lighting equipment, the studio can be used for filming movies and videos, taking still photographs, and more.

Loft 1 (Building No. 6)

This classroom has been outfitted with about 176 grandstand seats with an electric storage system, stage lighting, and stage curtain facilities. Dance, theater, martial arts, Qigong, workshops, and other such classes are held here. The stage area is capable of holding full-scale dance and theater performances. Without seats the space becomes a flat wooden floor of approximately 300㎡.

Loft 2 (Building No. 6)

Theater-type classrooms equipped with 4K digital projectors. Equipped to the latest digital specifications for film broadcasting, these facilities have attracted attention from film and broadcast sources.

Rikkyo St. Paul's Chapel

The unique arches present a truly beautiful exterior of this chapel. The bell tower next door tolls to signal the beginning of worship services.


A glass-enclosed cafeteria with nearly 700 seats inside and with seating outside on the terrace as well.

Yurinoki Hall (Student Affairs Facility)

Composed of club rooms for extracurricular club and group activities. Besides a studio equipped with sound and lighting equipment, there are music practice rooms, art studios, and traditional Japanese-style rooms, as well as communal lounges on each floor.

Tachikawa International Hall

It was built with a generous donation by Asako Tachikawa in memory of her late husband, Shozaburo Tachikawa, an alumnus of Rikkyo. It houses halls, conferences rooms, and lodging for short-term stays. The building is also the communication center for exchange activities between people associated with Rikkyo.
*Winner of the Good Design Award
*Winner of the Tile Design Contest

FamilyMart convenience store and Maruzen Book Center

Niiza Campus stores located on the first floor of Building No. 1. The stores sell stationery, books, and Rikkyo original goods.
Hours of Operation (Please be aware that operating hours change during university holiday periods, etc.)
Mon-Fri 8:30-19:00
Sat 8:30-14:00
Maruzen Book Center
Mon-Fri 8:30-18:30
Sat 8:30-14:00

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