College of Science

SATO Fumihiro

University Rikkyo University
Full name SATO Fumihiro
Year of birth 1949
Current position Professor, Department of Mathematics, College of Science
Address 3-34-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 171-8501
Telephone +81-(0)3-3985-2490
Fax +81-(0)3-3985-2511
Field(s) of general research Algebra
Field(s) of specialization Number theory
Representation of algebraic groups
Prehomogeneous vector spaces
Subject(s) of recent research
and/or titles of courses
Zeta functions of prehomogeneous vector spaces
Clifford modules and nonprehomogeneous functional equations
Recent publications
( within the last five years )

F.Sato, Fourier coefficients of Eisenstein series of GL(n), local densities of square matrices and subgroups of finite abelian groups, Comment. Math.
Univ. St. Pauli 54(2005), 33-48.

F.Sato and K.Sugiyama, Multiplicity One Property and the Decomposition of b-Functions, Int. J.of Math. 17(2006) 195-229.

Y.Hironaka and F.Sato, The Siegel series and spherical functions on O(2n)/(O(n)*O(n)), In "Automorphic Forms and Zeta Functions, Proceedings of the conference in memory of Tsuneo Arakawa" pp.150--169, World Scientific 2006.

F.Sato, Functional equations of prehomogeneous zeta functions and intertwining operators, J. Math. Soc. Japan 58(2006), 995-1008.

F.Sato, Zeta functions of (SL(2)*SL(2)*GL(2), M(2)+M(2))
associated with a pair of Maass cusp forms, Comment. Math. Univ. St. Pauli 55(2006), 77-95.

Research topics of my
doctoral students
Study on automorphic forms obtained from zeta functions of prehomogeneous vector spaces
Study on local densties of representations of square matrices
French researchers with
whom I have collaborated
Prof.Hubert Rubethaler:IRMA, Universite Louis Pasteur

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