Career Center

The Career Center provides support for career planning and job searching through group work oriented toward the personal growth of students. It also provides students with information to plan their future employment, and programs in areas such as job searching and career counseling.

The Career Assistance Program, which targets first and second year students, offers students opportunities to become broadly acquainted with future employment prospects and working environments, as well as to consider their personal life and work aspirations.

The Center also conducts various job search assistance programs aimed at third and fourth year students, which include job search guidance, seminars, and study groups.

Furthermore, the Center provides materials, such as job opening notices from companies, survey results on recent job searching activities, and personal experience reports, to assist students in their job searches. The center maintains a Job Search Information Navigator, a job hunting support system that students can access from their home computers.

Collaborative backup system provided by matriculating students and alumni Career support by and for students and graduates

Students organization, "Rikkyo Career Seminar"

Collaborating with the Career Center, fourth-year undergraduate and second-year graduate students who have successfully finished with their job search (marking 290 last year) provide other students with career support.

Alumni organization, "Rikkyo Business Creator Seminar"

With approximately 500 alumni registered, the organization hosts study sessions for career development. It also provides career support for students, in collaboration with the Career Center.


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