Non-degree students

Q1 What are non-degree students?

Students in a program that allows non-Rikkyo University students to take courses offered at the University.
*Non-degree students are not able to acquire "College Student status of residence".

Q2 Can international students take these courses as well?

Yes. However, they are limited to students who have passed Level 1 on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test administered by JEES (excluding those who wish to take courses in the College of Arts and Graduate School of Arts). Students must also be in possession of a status of residence valid for the duration of the course to which they apply, or have the potential to acquire said valid status of residence outside of the University. A “College Student” status of residence cannot be acquired for the University’s non-degree student program.

Q3 What kinds of courses can be taken?

While there are exceptions, generally all listed below are open for enrollment..

Q4 Can international students acquire vocational qualifications?

<Teacher Training Course, Curator Course, Librarian Course (including Librarian Educators), and Lifelong Education Director Course>
Non-degree students aiming for any of the above qualifications are recruited separately through school and lifelong education lectures. In such cases, with the exception of the curator course, Rikkyo University graduates are targeted. Moreover, the courses open for enrollment are limited to those designed for acquiring qualifications.

Q5 What is the application method and where can I find more details for non-degree students not acquiring vocational qualifications?

Non-degree students other than those acquiring qualifications from Q4 are also solicited. There are two recruitment periods, one in the Spring semester and the other in the Fall semester.

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