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Rikkyo-Yonsei-Keio Leadership Forum 2005

In the 2005 academic year, the forum was conducted under the theme of “Leadership in Democratic Society,” with Keio University serving as the sponsoring university. It was held August 18th through 22nd on Keio University’s Mita Campus and at the Shonan Village Center (Hayamamachi, Miura-gun).
The first day featured an opening ceremony and party in which participants deepened amity. The second day included lectures, group discussions, and exercises under the theme “Towards an Aging Society,” and workshops on presentation skills. In the morning of the third day, groups gave presentations on challenges and resolutions for societies with declining birthrates and aging populations. In the afternoon, a lecture entitled “The Logic and Prospect of Japan and Korea” was followed by discussions and presentations divided along the four themes of the Yasukuni Shrine, US Military Bases, North Korea, and China Power. In the evening, a festive barbeque party was held on Morito Kaigan Beach. On the fourth day, discussions and preparations were performed by each group, and countermeasures for shared challenges in the Japanese-Korean relationship were proposed from various viewpoints. In the evening a fashion show featuring yukatas (light cotton kimonos), Korean garb, and more was held with much excitement. The fifth day included a tour of Kamakura before sightseeing in Asakusa, Odaiba, Shibuya and Harajuku, and the NHK building. That evening a Farewell Party was held and the program came to a close. Participants said reluctant, tearful farewells and promised to meet again.

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