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Support Organizations for International Students

Support Organizations

In addition to the Center for International Studies, other organizations at Rikkyo University provide support to international students. Each of these organizations is engaged in a wide range of activities, such as providing voluntary Japanese lessons, offering advice and suggestions on living in Japan, and hosting various events.

1. Tokyo St. Paul Lions Club

The Tokyo St. Paul Lions Club, whose members are mostly Rikkyo University alumni, is engaged in a broad range of activities in support of Rikkyo’s student body, including international students. This group provides support in the form of scholarships for international students, sponsorship of one-day bus trips, assistance with Japanese language classes, and a variety of other activities.

2. Koyukai Ladies Club

The Koyukai Ladies Club, whose members are female alumni of Rikkyo University, is a volunteer group that provides assistance to international students. This group undertakes such activities as providing voluntary Japanese lessons, hosting luncheons, offering opportunities to experience Japanese culture, setting up social lounges, and soliciting scholarships.

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