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Medical Insurance

When you suffer from any injury or illness during your stay in Japan, you may utilize the insurance plans listed below.  If you plan to seek the reimbursement of medical costs incurred, it is essential that you obtain the receipt of your payment.

National Health Insurance

The international students whose landing permit is valid for more than 12 months must join the Japanese National Health Insurance plan. After you register for the plan, the insurance card will be mailed to you and the medical costs for injury and illness are reduced to approximately 30% (70% of the total costs is covered by the plan.)
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Rikkyo Student Mutual-Aid Health Insurance Union

The students whose immigration status is "College Students" may apply for the reimbursement of the medical costs that is not covered by the National Insurance if they submit the required documents to the University. The regular degree-seeking students usually pay the annual insurance fee as part of tuition costs. Special International Students (including exchange students) may have the option of joining the plan by paying the annual insurance fee of 3,500 yen during the orientation. The application of the medical fee reimbursement is handled either by the Office of Student Welfare in the Division of Student Affairs or the Division of the Niiza Campus Administration.

Disaster and Accident Insurance for Student Education and Research

By joining the above insurance program, students can receive insurance coverage for any accidents and injuries incurred during educational and research activities either on or off campus. When accidents occur, students need to apply for the reimbursement at the Department of Student Welfare in Ikebukuro campus or the Niiza Campus Office within 30 days after the accident occurs.  Physical injuries incurred as a result of voluntary actions such as fights or dangerous sports and some specific types of injuries such as traumatic cervical syndrome (“whiplash” neck injuries). Insurance benefits: death benefits, disability benefits, medical benefits (when medical treatment is received) and additional benefits for hospitalization.

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