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Tuition Reduction System and Scholarships

Rikkyo University offers two forms of financial support for international students: a tuition reduction system and scholarships. These financial support systems help international students enjoy a successful experience while staying at the University. In addition, the Division of Student Affairs handles common scholarships for Japanese students.
List of scholarships (in Japanese)

Scholarships for International Students

Scholarships for international students include internal scholarships sponsored by Rikkyo University and external scholarships sponsored by the government or various foundations. Some scholarships require students to submit a “Shogakukin Shutsugan tôroku” (Scholarship Application Registration). Students are recommended for these scholarships based on the university’s ranking and this registration. Interested applicants are encouraged to attend our “Orientation for International Students” and “Guidance for International Students” sessions, which are held in April. These sessions provide details on the registration method and process by which rank is determined. Furthermore, application guidelines for independent scholarships are publicized on the bulletin board of the International Office.

More information on the Scholarship Application Registration can be found here.

Tuition Reduction System

Rikkyo University offers tuition reductions for privately-financed international students with “College Student” resident status who face financial difficulties pursuing university education. Students need to apply to take advantage of the tuition reduction system. Based on the application documents, the International Office will check whether the applicant has “College Student” resident status and determine whether the applicant qualifies upon reviewing his/her financial situation. The reduction percentage for the academic year 2017 will be 30%. (The reduction percentage may vary each year.)
More information on the procedures for applying to the tuition reduction system can be found here.

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