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National Health Insurance

Enrollment Procedures

Enrollment is handled by the National Health Insurance Division of the municipal office in the city or ward in which the student resides.
The following items are required:
Application form (provided by the municipal office)
Alien Registration Card
Student ID
Upon completion of the enrollment procedures, students are issued a National Health Insurance Card.

Enrollment Fee

The health insurance enrollment fee is approximately 20,000 yen for one year. If an individual’s annual income is below 980,000 yen, measures can be taken to reduce the cost of National Health Insurance by 60% by undertaking a few procedures. Students should conduct the application procedures in the National Health Insurance Divisions of the respective municipalities in which they reside.

Targeted Institutions and Medical Treatment Procedures

Students are advised to present their National Health Insurance Card at medical institutions which handle various types of health insurance. Some hospitals that are specifically equipped to deal with foreigners do not accept insurance. In such cases, the student is responsible for the full amount of medical expenses and verification of insurance must be made prior to receiving treatment. National Health Insurance is not applicable to all treatments including childbirth, traffic accidents, physical examinations, and cosmetic surgery.

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