The educational challenge of globalization

Rikkyo University has been selected as one of the Top Global Universities by the Ministry of Education of Japan. Since Rikkyo University was founded in 1874, it has been Leading the Way, together with other Institutions, in the Educational System of Japan.

The year 2024 will mark the 150th Anniversary of the Foundation of Rikkyo University. For the Best Commemoration of its Foundation and in order to keep on Leading the Way, our University, in a joint and unique effort by Professors and Students, has created and foreseen the “Rikkyo Vision 2024” with three core values: Lead for Learning; Lead for Globalization; and Lead for the Future.

For several years now Rikkyo University has been working on preparing itself improving step by step its Leading for Globalization mission by: Expanding Academic Programs with other Leading Universities (currently with more than 165 Universities from several Countries around the World); receiving more foreign students every year; sending more Japanese students to study abroad; and expanding programs in English for foreign students. Additionally, a Governance reform has been implemented with global initiatives like the establishment of the Organization for Global Initiatives to promote the Internationalization of the University; Global Lounge on Campus where students participate in exchange of views events; and the opening of new Rikkyo’s Offices overseas in the Americas, Europe and Asia for the supervision of the Academic Exchange Programs with other Leading Universities.
Within this scenario and ongoing efforts, Rikkyo University has started in 2017 a very important academic program to further Lead the Way in Globalization, the Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP). GLAP is designed to produce a new generation of Global Leaders in Japan. With the strong tradition and foundation of Rikkyo’s unique leadership in the Liberal Arts Programs in Japan, Rikkyo will form and develop Leaders with strong identity and independent mind to actively participate in the Global stage and contribute to the solution of today’s more crucial World’s affairs.
The Rikkyo’s GLAP comes at a Crucial time. Globalization is more important than ever. With several worry trends of nationalistic sentiments, terrorism, and protectionism worldwide, the World needs more than ever Global Leaders whom can participate actively in the complex and intense process international exchange of ideas, principles, values in different cultures, while keeping and improving our own values and principles, in all the different dimensions of Globalization, economic, political, social, cultural, ecological, ideological, etc.

Rikkyo Vision 2024 marking the 150th Anniversary of its Foundation is helping already the University in becoming more and more a truly Global University. With this scenario, no doubt that Rikkyo’s contribution to Japan and Globalization will be more important, forming Global Leaders that can really contribute to the most important and novel duty of any Leader, to strongly work for to Peace and Prosperity of Human Kind.


Dr. Sergio Inclan

Minister. Embassy of Mexico in Japan. Representative in Japan.
Ministry of Economy of Mexico.

Born in Mexico City, Dr.Inclan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with honors from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He earned a PH.D. in Law from Rikkyo University, Japan. He also joined United Nations University’s PH.D. kenkyu kai, where he did research on International Economic Law and International Affairs.
Dr.Inclan serves now as Minister of the Embassy of Mexico, and Representative in Japan of the Ministry of Economy of Mexico since August 2013. He has been working for many years promoting economic exchange, trade and investment between Mexico and Asia-Pacific countries. He has been also working for many years in the strengthening of the economic relationship between Mexico and Japan. Dr.Inclan was a member of the Mexican Negotiating Team for the conclusion of the Mexico-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.