The educational challenge of globalization

Acquire Liberal Arts, a student can...

understand the structure and invention of a Mozart symphony
analyze the impact of social media on psychological development
see the implications of global climate change, and evaluate appropriate governmental, industrial, and technological innovations
experience emotions and insights of the worldʼ s great literature, from Shakespeare to Murakami
explore the economic potential of art, music performance, and creative writing in pop culture
outline a legal argument
see the world through the eyes of a child
investigate the chemistry of cooking
relate politics to sport, art to technology, music to robotics, economics to law, finance to creativity, or literature to science

In fact, the world needs Liberal Arts. With an education that is both broad and deep, Liberal Arts students will not only survive, but thrive. Acquire Liberal Arts, any student can succeed on any path, including business management, law, medicine, computer programming, creative arts, music performance, arts management, systems analysis, supply chain engineering, business consulting, teaching and educational administration, athletics and sports science, and innumerable professions that will emerge in the future, and which will one day drive our interests and our economies. With enriched personal lives ‒ full of books, music, arts, theoretical sciences, and technology ‒ Liberal Arts students can pursue any path with hope and promise.

Welcome to the Global Liberal Arts Program at Rikkyo University.


Randall L. Nadeau

Professor, Department of Religion, Trinity University, USA
Ph.D. in Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada

Currently he is conducting research on Confucianism and human rights, attitudes toward gender differentiation and sexual orientation in Chinese religions, and conceptions of human liberation in Asian religious traditions. Since 1990, Nadeau has been teaching at Trinity, where he offers courses on Chinese and Japanese religions, the Buddhist tradition, popular religion in comparative perspective, gender and religion, and methodology in the study of religion. He has served on the board of the Society for the Study of Chinese Religion, and as chair of the Chinese Religions Group of the American Academy of Religion. He has also served as president of the Southwest Academy of Religion. At Trinity University, he has served as chair of the University Curriculum Council, overseeing the inauguration of Trinity's new Common Curriculum. Nadeau became chair of Trinity's Department of Religion in June 2005.