Course Listings for 2018

Instructor Name Academic Degree Courses
Sayaka Nakagomi Academic Degree Ph.D. in History of Education, UCL Institute of Education,
University of London, UK
Courses ・Tutorial 1・2
・Second Year Seminar
・Liberal Arts in Higher Education
・Study Abroad 1
・Global Studies Pre-Seminar
Satomi Ohashi Academic Degree M.A. in History, Rikkyo University, Japan
Courses ・Tutorial 1・2
・Second Year Seminar
・World History
・Study Abroad 1
・Global Studies Pre-Seminar
M.A. in British Arts, History and Critical Theory, University of Sussex, UK
Misook Lee Academic Degree Ph.D. in Socio-information and Communication Studies,
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Courses ・Tutorial 1・2
・Citizenship Education
・Political Sociology
Alessandro Simbeni Ph.D. in Art History, University of Florence, Italy Ph.D. in Art History, University of Florence, Italy Courses ・Tutorial 1
・Globalism and Humanities
・Culture and Fine Arts
Randall L. Nadeau Academic Degree Ph.D. in Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada Courses ・Tutorial 2
・Literature and Society
・University Education in the World
Kyohei Yamada Academic Degree Ph.D. in Political Science, Yale University, USA Courses Tutorial 1・2
Shiowjiuan Cheng Academic Degree M.A. in Sociology, Socio-cultural Studies Sociology,
Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Courses ・GL111
Natsu Iwaki Academic Degree M.B.A. Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, UK Courses GL111
Hiroyuki Naito Academic Degree B.A. in Policy Management, Faculty of Policy Management,
Keio University, Japan
Courses GL202
Kevin Robert Knight Academic Degree Ph.D. in Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, 
Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia
Courses International Business
M.B.A., College of Business Administration and Public Policy,
California State University Dominguez Hills, USA
Master of Pacific International Affairs (M.P.I.A.), Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California San Diego, USA
Sanjay Jingan Academic Degree Ph.D. in Physics, Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, India Courses Nature of the Earth
Hiroko Miyakoshi Academic Degree Master of Public Policy, Educational Policy Concentration, Public Policy Program National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan Courses Economic Thought
Hiroki Ozaki Academic Degree Ph.D. in Engineering, Graduate School of Science & Technology,
Nihon University, Japan
Courses Health and Wellness
Angel B. Pérez Academic Degree Ph.D. in Higher Education, Claremont Graduate University, USA Courses University in Modern Society

as of August, 2018