The Declaration of Human Collaboration

Since the time of its founder, Bishop Channing Moore Williams, Rikkyo University has been engaged in a wide range of educational activities following an unwavering philosophy of education based on Christian values. At the heart of this philosophy is a willingness to go out into the world and collaborate with a great many people, to turn one's attention to those who are socially vulnerable or beset by illnesses, handicaps, accidents or disasters, and to make every effort to realize a society where no one hurts another and everyone lives in harmony.

Even after stepping into a new millennium, we are still plagued by problems such as prejudice, human rights violation, conflicts, and destruction of the environment. At a more personal level, there seems to be no end to the selfish and inconsiderate behavior of some people towards others. This state of affairs cannot be ignored, particularly in light of the Rikkyo philosophy and the universal conscience of mankind.

It is of the greatest importance that we do not focus solely on intellectual knowledge or efficiency. We must all give thought to the importance of becoming actively involved where tense situations of life and society actually take place, and fully understand their meaning. In other words, we must become aware of the significance of participating in the real world.

Through the establishment of a number of organizations and facilities, such as the Center for Human Rights, Committee on Sexual Harassment, Support Network for the Handicapped, Gender Forum, Volunteer Center, Chapel, Division of Student Affairs, and health clinics, Rikkyo University has provided support for a wide range of causes, including human rights, the fight against prejudice and discrimination, assistance for the handicapped, health issues, gender issues, protection of the environment, religious faith, and volunteer activities. Rikkyo's long history of championing these many causes has given its students opportunities to participate in the ever-changing real world. Although not widely publicized, individual students and faculty members have also been gaining valuable experience through various voluntary activities.

The movement to reaffirm the philosophy and objectives of these activities, link them to a much larger picture, and together with every student pursue more deeply the true meaning of respect and freedom for mankind, has been named the Rikkyo Human Collaboration Movement. In establishing this movement, which represents one of the central pillars of the human education provided at Rikkyo University, we declare the following:

1、 Rikkyo will provide human education that is firmly based on experience of the real world, through which students will become aware of human dignity.
Through educational activities, Rikkyo will pursue practical teaching to nurture an awareness of human rights, a first-hand understanding of what happens in the real world, and a sense of involvement.
2、 Rikkyo will nurture students who have the sensitivity and intelligence to convey and share their experiences.
Rikkyo will send into society citizens with an open mind that enables them to convey their practical experience to others, rather than keeping it to themselves.
3、 Rikkyo aims at achieving a "human campus" supported by the traditions of an "academy of freedom" and the volunteer spirit.
Rikkyo aims at building campuses where individuals can freely socialize and inspire each other and, above all, accept others under difficult living conditions and live together in harmony.

(February 2005)


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